Hello! Thanks you so much for visiting my website. My name is Ashima Paliwal and answer to where I am from is a long one so let's just keep it to 'Ashima Paliwal - India' (Chak De anyone?). 

It is hard to believe even for me but as child I was never interested in art. Coming from a family of engineers, choosing engineering for undergrad was a natural choice. Eventually life took its course and I quit my job to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur (after doing the much beaten down Indian path of working in IT, doing MBA and a short stint in marketing). I run a handcrafted handbags business called Purple Parijat (you can see products on I illustrate out of pure love and joy I get out of doing this.

I remember seeing Visothkakvei's video sometime in 2018 and being in complete awe of his pen work. I wanted to be able to draw like that. I took it as a challenge and started doodling. I enjoyed doing it so much that I started carrying my pen set and a small drawing book everywhere with me.